Vallejo’s Sunday Best Youth South Africa Concert

Vallejo's Sunday Best Youth South Africa Concert
Vallejo’s Sunday Best Youth South Africa Concert

Join us for this South Africa Benefit Concert to support New Hope Church Community, Pastor Terrence Nichols and youth on their missions trip to Cape Town South Africa. Ministering in Song and Service to the community.
Featured Artists include:
  • God’s Property
  • Voices of Hope Youth Choir
  • Allowyn Price
  • Roshawn Wynn
  • Seanquoray Dobson
  • Pastor James Williams
  • Amos Carter
  • Men of Faith
  • Champ Johnson & Kingdom
  • Calvary Community Church Praise Dancers
  • Anointed Expressions
  • Beverly Knox
  • Van Waller & Emmanuel Temple Praise Team
The Mistress of Ceremonies is Dorothy Stanton.

Financial Donations Accepted

Sponsored in association with Askari Sowonde Productions

Pray for the People of Japan!

As a part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance we also have missionaries and churches in Japan. It seems that all of our workers are accounted for and that they are rapidly responding to provide disaster relief.

“A compassionate response during a disaster tangibly expresses Christ’s love and opens doors for other ministries,” says Phil Skellie, CAMA’s president.

“flowing noodles” lunch
"Flowing Noodles" Lunch

To donate to the Japan Earthquake Relief, please go to this link and click on the red “Give Now” box–

Have a Heart for Haiti!

Pastor Nichols has led several missions’ trips and crusades to Haiti over the past 15 years. His friends and contacts are reporting wide spread devastation throughout the capitol city, Port au Prince. New Hope is partnering with the relief services of CAMA Services to provide relief aid to this desperately needed country.

Jasmin ChurchTo donate to the Haitian Earthquake Relief Fund, please go to this link and click on the red “Give Now” box–

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