7 Ways to Champion Alliance Missions While on a Budget

The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) is committed to doing missions well. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we join Him in His work to restore and reconcile lost and broken people to Himself.

Every follower of Jesus has a part to play in fulfilling the Great Commission. Here are some practical and effective ways you can help without spending a lot of money.
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Nepal Relief: Sending Aid to Isolated Villages

A second earthquake rocked Nepal on Tuesday morning. The 7.3-magnitude quake has killed dozens and injured more than a thousand people. The Nepali people need our prayers at this time.

CAMA began its relief response in Nepal by sending a staff person to assess the situation, distribute initial food supplies, and formulate a greater response plan. We are continuing to extend compassion and aid to Nepal through local partners.

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Food Supplies Sent to Nepalese Villages

A massive earthquake struck Nepal on April 25. CAMA sent a staff member to assess the situation on the ground and propose how we could be involved in the earthquake response. By God’s grace, this worker had had nearly 10 years of experience in Nepal previously and is fluent in the language and culture. He also has a background in rural civil engineering. Read more for his initial report.

Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast helps Global Success Center

The prayer team was on hand for Mayor Osby Davis’s Annual Prayer Breakfast. Here is an excerpt from the article found in the Vallejo Times-Herald.

Though the prayer breakfast theme was “We Are One,” the mayor said it doesn’t mean everyone has to be the same.

“It doesn’t mean we are identical,” Davis said. “The oneness is that we have oneness in purpose, oneness in direction, oneness in the desire to make the city better for everyone.” It starts with communication, Davis said.

“If we are not willing to communicate, we will never be one,” he said. “If we continue to communicate, there’s nothing that cannot be accomplished.”

Davis asked the audience to applaud the three officers present and to understand the difficult job of law enforcement.

“Somehow, we’ve forgotten that they are protecting us,” said Davis, indirectly acknowledging the racial strife in Ferguson, Mo., and elsewhere between police and community.

“We get caught up with the one or two bad apples and we label them all,” Davis said. “There are bad apples among us. We need to come together as a city, so when you seen officer, go up and say ‘thank you.’”

Pastor Terrence Nichols of New Hope Church Community applauded the mayor and the event.

“It is important that we come together as a family, as a city, as a community to pray to send good vibes and support agencies that are here,” Nichols said.

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